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Re: diff locks

What is creating the heat in my opinion is the gear slop....  You are putting
"chatter" forces on accel then those forces reversed on braking, esp while
turning, and a 100% locking diff defines turning as anything but
straight.....  back and forth back and forth couple hundred times a lap (was
that a snap i heard???).....  I think it's great that someone is willing to
try this on a track, but the setups I've seen so far in no way addresses the
basic suspension homework that should be done first.....  Big tire budget for
some, and I might ask b4 I go on the track, who is locking the diffs, cuz I'm
not sure I want to be behind you when those street tires get so hot they pop
one.....  And here's too hoping no one gets a long slow turn with hot sticky