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Hmmm.....  Not sure that's such a good idea steve...  I'm sure you have a few
posts to read after your down time, but I am having some difficulty with the
whole idea of having the tech guy from the aftermarket with access to the
net......  His last letter was a "sell", and not a soft one by any stretch,
and, I think DanS has spoken to the third party issue when we had the dealer
ad discussion....  And, in the interest of fairness, if we post Trevor, we
must post all the other guys who want access too:  Ned, Superchips,
Hypertech, Hoppen. ...  And to that I have strong feelings in opposition, cuz
it will become a flame war of misinformation (esp when it comes to chip
tuning) to "win" your business........   This is a very exclusive net, and
one any audi parts supplier would see as winning the mailing list lotto, cuz
there is no bigger bulleye in marketing an audi product than this net......
 My feeling is that we keep the dogs at bay, and keep the discussion and real
world evaluations of any one's "product" in the net, exclusive of sales and
inclusive of evaluation to the net subscribers.....  This is the spirit
here....  We all must understand the consequenses of a seemingly helpful
third party post.....  The one from Trevor strenghened my resolve that we
have made the right choice to date.....