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Re: Locking differential

  Re: locking the rear diff on dry surfaces not increasing traction: 'taint
  always so! One of the BIG benefits I have seen to locking the rear diff
  only on 100% dry auto-x courses is eliminating the wheelspin of the
  inside rear wheel. The inside rear wheels goes up in smoke when exiting
  tight corners when WFO due to the weight transfer off that inside rear
  wheel and onto the outside rear wheel. With the rear diff locked the
  weight transferred onto the outside rear wheel combined with the locked
  diff prevents the inside rear wheel from smokin' up and sends equal
  torque to both rear wheels. Acceleration out of those tight corners is
  greatly enhanced and that can only be due to better traction. A side
  benefit is that the dreaded understeer is greatly reduced 'cause it's
  easier to hang-out the rear end under power since all your HP and torque
  is no longer wasted on that spinning inside rear tire. You can now break
  'em both loose and steer with the throttle. All with a measly 115 HP