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Re: TQC Registry

> That registry is another sell.....  It is a covetted mailing list by the
> specialists that want your name rank and vin #....  hide the papers, you'll
> be a much freer person, no one benefits from that list but the folks that
> want to sell you...  I've been watching it with active interest for a
> while.....  Great scam.....
I think that this scam is being perpetrated by the conspirators that killed
JFK.  If it were such a scam, I would think that over the *several years* it 
has been since I sent my info to Port Elizabeth [think that's right] that I 
don't recall getting any calls from anyone trying to sell me stuff for my 
QTC.  Maybe they sold the list to Publisher's Clearinghouse ... I wonder 
where they got my name from!  I believe that car registry has been done 
before ... I believe that there are registries for some types of American 
Muscle Cars as well as some fine European vehicles ... even for some like 
the Shelba Cobra with a disputed heritage.  

All in all, a registry can be a good thing, because it can help to determine 
the history of a limited production car, but IMO this registry has been a 
black hole to date.

Not even gonna claim a value of 0.02