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Re: What tires to buy?

AAHHH auto-xing  what a great form of racing. I got my start in 
auto-crossing and it led to much greater things. 
about the tires you are seeking for racing.... There really is only one 
tire that will stick like glue, wear decent (for a soft race tire) and 
require no ugly non-streetable aligment settings. 
For the stock class, I believe you must use the original size wheels. I 
think your car came stock with 14x6. Do some research to make sure they 
didnt come in 15inch sizes. 15's would be better...but anyway, you will 
want to try Hoosier autocrossers, probably in the 205/60/14 size. The 
only downside to these hoops is the tall sidewall, but I used the 
roadrace compound for years in that size and there wasn't bad flex. First 
plus, they come with 6/32 of tread and if you flip/flop the tires 
frequently you will easily get 20 autocrosses from them. second plus is 
that you run 0 camber, or very little negative at best. They are not 
radials therefore you do not need massive tire scrubbing amounts of 
camber to make them work. A little toe out would prob. help, however read 
your SCCA rulebook B4 you go changing things drastically. If 15's were an 
option, use the 195/50/15, they have less sidewall flex.
I'm sure that yokes and BFG make a good autox tire but for money and 
performance I think the hoosiers are a better all-around deal.

Rolf Mair
86 5ktq
69 vette
77 VW Scirocco- SCCA East Coast Solo I champ. 1994