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Re: Kimberly'sSqueakyQuattro

>I had the shock tower bushings replaced.  The noise hasn't been fixed and
>seems to be worse than before. The noise now sounds like a joint is popping.
>It seems to be coming more from the front driver's side and still pops when
>the car is being backed up and turned.  The funny thing is, I have noticed
>once or twice, a very small pop when I have traveled forward over a bump in
>the road.  I can also feel the pop on the floor board.

I don't mean to state the obvious, but did you check the CV joints?
Maybe replacing the control arm and strut bushings tightened up the
suspension sufficiently to put more pressure on the CV joints.
Also, my father had a theory that the CV joints can wear into a pattern
due to forward driving that causes them to pop when you back up.
One final idea: are the front suspension coils correctly mounted on the