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Re: RPM Limiter

> >Jeffrey Goggin said:
> >When I had Techtonics Tuning build a Solo II motor for my '85 4000, they
> >told me how to bypass the rev limiter; I'll see if I still have the note
> >with their instructions around somewhere.
> Bruce Bell said:
> I'd like to see this as well. The only method I've heard of to bypass the
> rev limiter on CIS-E involves hardwiring the fuel pump - not something I
> care to do.

Now I'm just thinking out loud (a bad thing this early in the morning), and
it occurs to me that somethings wrong here.  If the rev limiter (ie the
computer) is cutting out the fuel pump at X rpm, then its interrupting
the fuel pump's power supply.  However, unless the full load for the pump
is going through the computer (not likely), then the computer must send
its cutout signal to some other relay, which in turn cuts the pump's power.
So, without seeing a wiring schematic, and barring this relay/computer signal
path serves more than one purpose, wouldn't it be possible to just remove this
signal/wire from the circuit.  Interrupt the signal and the pump keeps whirring
away happily, as do you.  Again assuming this doesn't cause you to melt a
piston etc.  It just seems that if you remove one wire/signal, as long as it
has a single purpose, you should be "hard wiring" the pump per say.
   Another thing I noticed in the last day or so was a post where someone
was turning on their AC (without a belt) to kick on the radiator fan and aid
with cooling.  Wouldn't it be better to add a switch (w/inline fuse) to supply
fan with power (speed of your choosing) when extra cooling was needed.  I
recollect that when the AC switch is used, it also boosts the idle speed, and
that seems counter productive.  Just wire the switch through a relay and don't
supply power when the ignition is off...

A few random thought... aka food for flames!