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Re: Traction

>  Ths issue of increasing traction or not, is, possibly, a question of
>  semantics. Let's look at a situation where the car is hard in a corner
>  and accelerating out of that corner. If the diffs are both open and the
>  inside rear wheel is up in the air, than virtually all power and torque
>  is wasted spinning the inside rear tire and no power is transmitted to
>  the ground, what I would call "low traction". If the rear diff is locked,
>  then the weight transferred off the inside wheel onto the outside wheel
>  will prevent either tire from spinning and ~100% of the power and torque
>  will get to the ground and be used, what I would call "high traction".
>  Yes, I guess that "traction" with respect to cornering forces is the same
>  in either scenario, but "accelerative traction", if there is such a
>  thing, is vastly improved in the locked rear diff scenario. Makes sense?

If your inside rear wheel is truly in the air around corners, then you don't
have to worry about the usual problem of dragging it through the corner ...
this might explain why this setup works well in your specific case and not
in most others.  As for its legality, well, you already know what I think
about that... :^)

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