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Re: RPM Limiter

>       Ok Jeff,
>           Go ahead and spill your beans to me please. What did you do to 
> your air box? 
>                 Thanks,
>                       Chad

Because I didn't do anything particularly fancy or clever and the list seems
to be obsessed with turbos lately, I didn't bother posting this ... however,
now that I've answered this question at least a dozen times over the last 24
hours, I've decided to make this available to everyone.

Subj: RE: airbox mod

On my '87 5000s, the airbox thermostat ends with a "Y" shaped tube to which
are attached a pair of plastic hoses that curve around to a plastic bracket
(duct) mounted behind the grill and set at a right angle to the air flow.

What I did was remove the thermostat and attach the "Y" shaped tube directly
to the airbox inlet ... the two pieces have the same O.D. and the clamp will
hold them together if you are careful to center it between the two.  I taped
over the slots that were molded into the airbox inlet using a strip of black
electrical tape as well as over the screw holes on the "Y" tube ... use this
sparingly and the clamp will still fit over them, making it look very OEM.

I then relocated the plastic duct from behind the grill to a spot right next
to the passenger-side headlight and pointed it straightahead (you'll have to
remove a plastic locating tab so it will mount easily and you'll notice that
Audi conveniently placed a screw hole on the nose panel right where you want
it).  I replaced the OEM plastic hose with lengths of aluminum heater tube I
bought at the local BAP store (it's used on Beetles) and cut them to fit.  I
used cable ties at the duct end to hold it in place but left it loose on the
other end to give the excess air an outlet ... with a K-Jet system, you only
want to make cold air available NOT ram air, as this will cause the air-flow
sensor to flutter and play hell with the accuracy of the fuel mixture.

All of the above took me maybe 30 minutes to accomplish and the result is a
much crisper throttle response and improved midrange punch.  Since I'm here
in Phoenix, I'm not too concerned about cold-weather driveability but I can
always reinstall the thermostat, et al. if necessary.  If anyone else tries
this, I'd welcome your comments.  I hope to borrow a Vericom 2000 on Sunday
so I can see whether my seat-of-the-pants impressions are backed up by real
numbers ... either way, I'll be sure to let everyone know. 
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