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baIQ: May Meeting

Well, I think that we've gotten enough responses to set the date of the 
next Bay Area Internet Quattro group meeting.  So far all of the responses 
that I have received have been positive for being able to attend a meeting 
on 20 May 1995.  The only kink is that Jay had volunteered a meeting room 
at his company, but they will be moving to another location on that day.  
With this short notice we are not likely to be able to schedule a meeting 
room at a community center.  I can probably provide a meeting room here 
at KLA Instruments (it isn't too far away from where we held the last 
meeting), but I need to check to make sure.  Our last meeting started at
1:00 pm, which seemed to be a good time (even though I got there at 12:30 
and was one of the last to arrive! :), so unless I hear about conflicts 
let's schedule the meeting for that time ...

	20 May 1995, 1:00 p.m.

At the last meeting we talked about subjects for the coming meeting.  The
idea that seemed to have the greatest support was that of autocrosses.  I
have gotten some information about events that will be scheduled near our
area, and I have subscribed to the autox list to learn about setting one
up for ourselves.  Hopefully the calendars will have arrived before then,
so that we can pass them out.  I also know that Chuck Leiter and Tomas 
Kasan have modified WG/ECU setups, perhaps we can talk about their exper-
iences.  Feel free to let me know of any other ideas you would like to 

Of course everyone is invited to attend.  I have sent this message direct-
ly to a few people that I believe live fairly close to the San Francisco 
Bay area as well as the quattro list.  If anyone who was not at the first 
meeting is interested in attending, drop me a line and I'll make sure that 
you are kept up to date as time progresses.  

Looking forward to seeing you all in May!
Steven L. Buchholz	KLA Instruments Corporation - RAPID Engineering
s_buchho@kla.com	M/S A1-3400, PO Box 49055, San Jose, CA 95161-9055
(408) 456-6244 (office/voice mail)	(408) 434-4284 (fax)