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Running at redline

On Sat, 29 Apr 1995, Rolf Mair wrote:

> Really? What kind of car is this? Sure the car may have done it, and I 
> never said that it couldn't be done! Let me know if you need a motor, I 
> have plenty of them laying around!!

I don't think so...It's still running great.

> If in fact, your car does what you are saying without 'lunchin' the 
> motor, It can't be very healthy, for one big reason alone, if not stress. 
> Unless you are running an 87 or later 5k or any other car with an oil 
> cooler (you said the only mod was a filter), your motor is running very, 
> very hot with that sort of abuse. I'm running an oil cooler thats bigger 
> than the surface size of a shoebox on my race car. When I ran a drivers 
> school at LimeRock last April (kinda cool weather) I was running 20 min. 
> heats under similar engine rpm's (still not beating it like you were) and 
> my temp wason the warm side. Yours must be boiling. Change your oil often!

! I was running 15w40 synthetic, it was about 20 degrees F out ( maybe 30 
), and this is in a '90 100 Quattro (I don't believe it has an oil 
cooler, however, I also don't believe the oil temp got much above normal. 
Not nearly as hot as anyone who has a turbo 5000/200 just running around 
town. It was just above the first unmarked notch on the gauge - between 
60 and 130 (deg C?) I'd guess ~90 or so.

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