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Re: Goodyear Rant 'n Rave

> I need to vent here.  Yesterday I took my (her, whatever) '84 5kS to Goodyear
> to get two front tires for it.  They called me up and told me it needed a left
> outer tie rod end before they could do an allignment...

Well, the Goodyear stories are going to come out now! I brought a tire
off my Chevy PU to them for a flat repair specifically asking for an
internal patch. They put a plug in, lost my trim ring and bent the
hole in the center of the wheel.

They warped the rotors on my dad's Bonneville during a brake job, the list
goes on....

Bob Kunz

PS: All your climate controls must be working perfectly now and in the past.
I know someone's got that list of error codes. Help!