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Re: Goodyear Rant 'n Rave:(((((((

>	I dont have any Goodyear horror stories to add although I can add 

I do have a recent story regarding the ol' Goodyear Company.  Just yesterday I
took my 5KCST for an alignment.  I thought I had a bad tie rod end, the car 
would wander ever slightly when driving straight.

Anyway, I drop the car off about 9:30.  They call me after lunch and tell me I have
a broken strut mount plate on the right side.  (Ah, I found the problem)  The 
technition (or whatever he is) says I need:

Both mount plates:					$208.00
Front strut cartridges because they are worn out:	 219.00
Rear shocks BECAUSE THEY ARE WORN OUT.			 159.00
and last but not least an alignment.			  29.95
					GRAND TOTAL    --------

Ok, so I say well, "how about just doing the mount plate and alignment"?

The technition (or whatever he is) pauses, pauses, paues and then says "yes we
can do that for 178.95".  

I say "write me up the quote/estimate and I will come by to pick the car up". 
"Thanks anyway, but I am going to wait".

Now hold on everyone, I not thru yet:

So I go to pick the car up at 5pm.  I ask for my car, the clerk (or whatever he is)
says "they went ahead and aligned the car anyway, the total is 29.95" (Question: 
how can you align a car if the strut is loose.)  Ok, so I give him my MC to pay,
he swipes.  In the meantime I ask the technition (or whatever he is) to produce 
the computer print out of the alignment results, degrees, etc.  (Oops you've
been caught!!)  He cannot give it to me.  They say no charge for the alignment.
(DING DING DING, they did not even touch the *ucking car!!!!!!!!!)  

Snif Snif, do I smell RIP-OFF RIP-OFF RIP-OFF RIP-OFF RIP-OFF or what!!!  I guess all 
those stories about shops are true.  I have learned my lesson.  I will stick with my 
trusted shop even if I have to wait a few days.

BTW, Shokan had a complete used top asembly for $45.00.
I am going to install it this weekend!!