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Re: NTW in Manchester NH, USA

Hairy green toads from Mars made Glen Powell say:

>   I've had the NTW recommended to me as a good place to take Audis,
>   Porsches, etc. for alignments, etc. They have a good reputation. I have
>   not used them yet.

I go to NTW a lot. I've used the one in Manchester, and mostly
the one in Nashua (it's 3 blocks form work). Like most chains,
it depends heavily on whi runs the shop. I know the folks in
Nashua, and they've almost always done right by me. The one
exception was telling me my front brakes were "about ready
to go". I bought new pads/rotors from Imparts, and discovered
they were just fine. I kept the parts for a year, and put them
in last month. No big deal.

The other minor problem was one of their alignment technicians
insisting my car was a 1988 not a 1989, because the manufacture
date was May, 1988. It was within spec for either, so no biggy.

Other than that, I take my car there a lot for tires and shocks.
They have competitive prices, and stand by their work.


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