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Re: Oil Filter Fiasco...

Peter wrote:
My question is...Have users of oem filters ever experienced this?  Is
checking the gasket normal oil change procedure, or is it taken for
granted?  In ten years of changing oil myself and using Fram filters,
this has NEVER happened.

FWIW, I *always* check to make sure the old gasket came off,
no matter what type of filter I'm using. See, this happened
to me once when I was in school and working at a shop over
the summer. Spent the better part of an afternoon cleaning
out some poor slobs BMW. Guess we all remember the lessons
we learn the hard way, eh?

BTW, we typically used OEM parts, though I can't say I
remember the specifics in this case. I don't think it makes
much difference - just one of those things that happens
now and then.

Eric T.    '86 5000S