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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!

> I don't intend to flame, but I can't see the inherent value in the 
> factory system.  If I were to install a factory replacement, I'd go with 
> ANSA or something.  Since I autocross my car, I checked with a local shop 
> that will custom bend a system for my car for around $160.  This includes 
> installation.  I have seen his work before on race cars and he does a 
> *very* good job.  This is the route that I will take when the savings 
> account allows.

I bought an Ansa replacement for the rear muffler on my QTC years ago.  
It looked identical to the Audi part, and bolted right in to the flanges 
and hooked up to the hangers with no problem.  Wasn't too long before some 
internal component came loose and started rattling at certain RPMs ... 
just like the Audi part :-(

I talked to N*d yesterday and he told me that the OEM pipes on Audis are 
stainless, whereas the mufflers themselves may not be.  He recommended that 
I have the Audi mufflers cut from the pipes removed from the car, and that 
the mufflers be replaced with SS units [no Nazi pun intended] yielding a 
full SS system.  Can anyone on the net confirm this?  It may be true only 
for Audi Turbos or specifically on the QTC ...

Steve Buchholz