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Re: 5KCSTQ: fuel enrichment

>>>>>in anyway, why goof with the rest of the injection? Besides, if you do 
not have the equipment to sniff the tailpipe emmiss. you may be just 
winging it, and if you run lean on a turbo motor..... you get the idea. 

If you absolutely must play with the mixture and don't have the right 
tools, remember that C.Clock wise is lean and Clock wise is rich. Find 
the spot in between that doesn't change the tone of the motor. It should 
be within a one turn (360 deg.) find the middle ground between lean and 
rich, when the idle starts to fluctuate on either end. Go half way and 
then just a tiny bit more towards rich. That should get you in the

Or you could just hook up a dwell to the freq valve and do it exactly right
(which is 50+/- 8% @ idle), me I'd nail that 42 on the nose...  NJTH