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Re: Wheel weight debate

I didn't want to get into this thread, but I thought some quick ideas 
that worked for me might be of value, maybe not....
On my race car, I too, do not like hammer in weights. They make for nasty 
projectiles and huge dents in fenders at 100mph+. I have good luck with 
"static spin-balance" as opposed to dynamic spin balance. In other words, 
I only put the weights on the back side of the wheel as opposed to both 
sides. I will then take the required stick-on weights, and place them on 
the inside of the wheel, after I have thouroughly cleaned the area with 
paint thinner, gently tapping them with a mallet to make sure they 
conform to the wheel, and then lay a couple of strips of duct tape over 
it. It always works well, and they don't come off. They reason I don't 
dynamic balance on the race car is two-fold. One, there is no good place 
for stick weights on a $275 Revolution three-peice and I'm surely not 
going to hammer on them (My hammer weighs more than the wheel) and two, I 
don't like the extra rotating mass. Call me a fanatic, but aren't all 
racers that anyway?