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Muffler hunt

     I have been hunting for a front muffler for my '87 5Kcst. Here are 
     some of the prices I recieved, highest to lowest:
     Local Audi dealer: $493.33         12mo/12,000 mile warranty
     Local muffler shop: $365.12        1 year warranty
     PAP: $245 and change               1   "     "
     Sears Auto Center: $188 and change Limited Lifetime
     Blaufergnugen: $94.00              2 year warranty, 1 from mfg, 2nd    
                                        from dealer
     Prices do not include installation, gaskets, bolts, hangers or any 
     other hardware. (I am not affiliated with any of the above 
     service/parts organizations.) These all replace stock muffler, which 
     for my use is fine. I'm use to price variations, but $94 to $494 is a 
     little broader than I am used to... :-)
     I've decided to try the Blaufergnugen unit. It should arrive in a 
     couple days, along with all the necessary parts and pieces. 
     Manufacturer is Bozel. (sp?) Anyone looking for a stocker replacement 
     might want to give Bl...et all a call.
     My thanks to William Murin, who posted Blaufergnugen's phone number.
     Jerry Fields