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Re: Factory exh systems Vs "'Trapps?

  Well, hoggin' out the cat or replacing it with an aftermarket unit that
  flows better, is, of course, *not legal* in SCCA Solo II, like just about
  anything else you would want to do, like improving the suspension
  geometry, etc. I would bet that eliminating the stock mufflers and
  replacing them both with a single 'Trapp might save in the neighborhood
  of around 50 Lbs, not unsubstantial, considering that this is one of the
  very few ways to lighten a car legally, and a lot of that eliminated
  weight is way out at one end of the car, increasing the moment of inertia
  more that if it were concentrated at the center of the car. Sure, the
  benefits may be small, but it's legal, and there is not much else one can
  do, and if you need an exhaust system anyhow$....... I'm not sure if the
  stock 4000Q system is 2" or 2 1/4", but eliminating the two mufflers and
  installing a 'Trapp that can be configured without baffles to provide a
  "straight" exhaust with no baffles and no restrictions beyond that of the
  pipes themselves can only help to reduce backpressure, even with the same
  diamater pipes. If low-end or mid-range torque should be an issue on a
  particular race course, then the system can be tuned via the baffles to
  dial-in the torque that would otherwise be lost with a straight exhaust
  system, and you still have the benefit of the lighter weight and "way
  cool" race car sound effects.    :)   When every bit counts.....