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Re: Competition cries "OOWWWWW-D"

> 1:  Do you honestly think that a 4kq can win a national auto-x 
> championship with the right driver?  I don't want to invest a lot of 
> money in a car that simply can't win it all.  

No, I DON'T think a 4000Q can win a National Championship nor do I think a
FWD 4000 is capable of it, either.  Andy Hollis in his 4 cyl Mazda MX-6 is
a tough act to follow as are a number of other driver/car combinations.  I
ran my '81 4000 at the Nationals in 1989 and won a trophy but it would not
be possible today.  I dropped $7k building an '85 4000 to run in '93 but I
sat out the season when I realized the car could not be competitive in the
class ... even though the BMW 318is has been moved to E-Stock, I think you
will have a VERY tough time winning at the National level in a 4000Q since
it's so heavy (sorry, Glen, but it's true) and limited to 6x14 wheels when
most of the competition get to run 7x15s.

> 4:  Should I change the brake lines?  Cost estimate?  Is it worth it?

I've done it on my cars.  They're cheap (I used VW Rabbit lines on my 4000),
work better than the OEM lines (especially if they're old and soft) and last
as long or longer ... highly recommended.

> 8:  One last thing.  Is it legal to use the diff locking on the car?  Is 
> it legal to change the vacuum lines so I can lock the rear by itself?

Heed Glen's advice about clarifying the legality of this mod before going to
Kansas ... IMHO, it's NOT legal in H-stock.  Buy a '95 rulebook and see what
you think...

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