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Re: What Bar of boost - 5kTQ

> in fourth, 1.3 bar of boost.  I have NEVER seen the boost that high before!  It
> was consistent, I kept the hammer down to see if the gauge would fluctuate, but
> it didn't.  the beltway turned back into a parking lot shortly thereafter, and

Stuff deleted...

> warm, but not hot?  Or was this just a fluke...  Ned told me that these cars
> are SUPPOSED to run at 1.3, but I usually have a hard time getting mine to 1.2.
>  What gives?
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ

Yes 1.3 is where they should run, but your spring gets weaker
with age and temperature, the wastegate spring, that is.

The cheapest and quickest mod I know of is to stiffen the
wastegate spring up just a wee bit. This can be done with
a stiffer spring ( very hard to come by )
or with three or four spacer washers ( safer ).
Try and get four 1.25" ID, eighth inch thick washers, or 
perhaps its 1.125" ID, and put two below the spring, and
two ( a bit of superglue helps here ) above it.
Your boost will probably run 1.4 at max from now on.

Alan Cordeiro