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Re: What Bar of boost - 5kTQ

     MikeS asked:

     >Or was this just a fluke...  Ned told me that these cars
     >are SUPPOSED to run at 1.3, but I usually have a hard time getting
     >mine to 1.2.
     > What gives?

     >87 5000CS TQ

     And Jim said:

     >Not a fluke, my 200Q has stock boost and I routinely push boost to
     >1.3 and have occasionally seen 1.4 in spirited driving

     >jim h

     Well, my two cents:

     Even with different mileage, tune, and ambient conditions...these are
     likely two different engines-all factory ten valve turbos are not
     created equal.

     Ned told me that there was a mid '89 change that increased low and mid
     range torque, and upped hp a bit. It involved higher compression
     pistons (8.4/1 vice 7.8/1), a revised camshaft, a smaller turbo for
     faster spoolup and less turbo lag, a new intercooler, and two (instead
     of one) knock sensors.

     I routinely see 1.4 bar, i.e., when I routinely stand on it in
     third or fourth gear, engine warm, above 3000 RPM. This seems to
     be normal for these later 10 valve engines...

     Tom Forhan

     90 200 TQW
     87 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
     87 Acura Integra (For Sale)
     Wanna VW Syncro Westfalia