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Re: weights on inside????? hhmmmmm

Hi guys, I have had my new (all 4) Goodyear Eagle Aquatred 195/60/r14 for 4 
days now.   I bought them from a Goodyear store.  Installed and 
balanced there.

Some shakes at 120 to 130 km/hr.  They were back for re-balancing.  
They told me one tire was out a little.  Re-balanced.  Seems to have 
improved.    But still feel a "light" shake  (feels like a little 
"numb" in the hand - and perhaps on my right foot).   The tire 
pressure seems ok - tried both 32 and 34 psi.

The Goodyear store will re-balance for me if I like.  Of course they are quick 
in pointing out the other possibilities that may cause "shakes".

I wonder  whether a "slight" shake  is normal for 90q at 
120-140km/hr ?   Would re-balancing make it any better ?
Before I take it back in,  is there anything that I should be looking 
out for  ?  I don't want to be led down the garden path by these 
Goodyear people ?   I certainly don't want them to get too close to 
the drive shaft !

Any experience with these Eagle Aquatred  ?
Signing off for now,
    Solomon Ngan<sngan@netaccess.on.ca>

          '90 90q20v
          '85 vw gti
          '84 5000s