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Re: Koni Help Needed! & EC magazine

  Those big potholes su_k! I went full stiff in the rear and 2 turns stiff
  in the front.
  The total adjustment range is about 2 1/2 turns. I would never suggest
  for street use unless you really like a stiff ride and know what it is
  like. This
  setup should work well for you in auto-x and really helps to overcome
  of the understeer, though playing with tire pressures and the diffs locks
  well can all but eliminate it.

  On a related note, there are two excellent articles in the latest EC
  One very technical/theoretical article on turbos and one on a tuned RS2
  with >400HP. They are running like 10x17" front wheels and 8.5X17" rear
  wheels with similarly dissimilar (how's that!) tires sizes, all to
  dial-out the
  understeer. This RS2 RSR does 0-60 in I think it was 3.5 sec even with
  a 2-3 shift at 55 MPH! The new AWD 911 Turbo takes like 4+ 0-60.....
  Oh, I think there is also an article on the AWD 911 Turbo in there.
  Highly recommended ready and worth searching out. More details
  in an upcoming AudiWatch Update (Tm).