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Heater Control Panel - '85 GT

I looking for information on a project that I've been putting off for 
over a year now.

The little arm that goes into the valve box for the heater/AC broke off 
on the flap that controls the front window defrost vents.  It appears to 
be stuck about 5% open.  (eg. if I close all the other vents and turn the 
fan on the industrial ventilation mode [setting 4] it only take about 10 
minutes to defog the front window; living in the damp NW this does not 
promote safe driving <grin>)

What I'm hoping for, is that someone can tell me what it takes to take 
the dashboard apart (No bentley here, currently -$$$) and if there is 
some other way to fix this than removing that box and completely 
disassembling it to either replace the flap or graft a new control arm 
onto it.

I know I probably just stated that exact solution, but with an alarm, 
cell phone, and custom stereo in that dash, I do not relish disassembling 
it.  I found that if I stand on my head in the footspace, with my feet 
sticking out the sunroof, ;-)  I can see up to where the control wire is 
hanging, and where the flap arm should be.

Any comments, advice, .....snide comments?