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Re: TQC car covers


        I got a nice custom fit Evolution IV car cover from Beverly Hills
Motoring Accessories for around $230 (I think?).  It is called the Stormguard
car cover...it is made to fit your car, and your car only....and fit it
perfectly.  It comes in biege or blue, and  can be embroideed if you'd like,
for an additional charge (I said, No thanks).  Mine is tan and has the BHMA
logo on the front.....I love it.  It is thick, to protect against door dings,
etc, it is soft inside, repels water, and it is beathable.  I keep mine in
the trunk and put it on when I'm at work....but, only when the car is clean,
and when it's not going to rain.  This may seem expensive, but it really
isn't bad for a truly "custom fit" Evolution 4 car cover.....it's supposedly
all weather, and all-season too!

        If your interested call Beverly Hills Motorning Accessories at