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Re: A/C+rought idle

Robert Myers writes:
> >	My car idle very rought (like diesel pickup) when the A/C button
> >is pressed, the idling rpm when this button turned on is 800 rpm.
> >      	When I turn A/C off the car has smooth idling ,and the rpm is same
> >(800) . Does the compressor cause the problem here ?
> More than likely.  The compressor takes quite a bit of horsepower to run.
> This will put a fair load on an idling engine.  It's also noticeable at
> speed, but the effect isn't nearly so pronounced.  

Most Audis have a idle boost valve which is activated when the A/C
compressor runs.  It should compensate for the additional load on
the engine and keep the idle stable.  Perhaps your idle boost valve
is not functioning?

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