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Re: That Wacky Speedometer is at it again......

> I have another related problem.
> The tacho in my '90 100 tq has recently developed a habit of sticking
> when it has been parked for a day or so. It manifests itself as the
> needle sticking at around 1500 rpm right after start and jerk up and
> down when revving and letting it fall down to idle. After a few
> minutes of driving it seems to clear and the needle moves smoothly.
> Has anyone experienced this what should one do about it?

My Tacho gauge story goes as follows:

Speaking of whacky gauges, my RPM gauge is having trauma.

I'll be on the freeway doing 70-75, and the gauge will drop about 400 
RPM from say 3000 to 2600.  It will stay proportionately lower until 
the engine again returns to idle, where the needle is back where it 
should be.

Are there any self-proclaimed RPM Rx's on the list?

- Mike White 

[Mail: mike.white@law.utah.edu   -   mwhite@eng.utah.edu]