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ur-Q brake woes.....?

  Well, I pulled the '85 ur-Q out of storage this past weekend
  due to finally renting the old house and needing to prepare
  the car to accept the KuQEFH, soon (hopefully) to be
  installed. Started OK after ~9-10 months, but no brakes.
  The brakes were just fine when parked last November.
  Here are the symptoms:

  Engine running; pedal goes to floor with little/no resistance
  Engine running: pedal "pumps up" but only after many
  very fast pumps, then if held goes to floor
  Engine not running; pedal "pumps up" quickly and feels OK
  Kill engine, no emergency power assist, pedal goes to floor

  The brake fluid level never went low enough to let air in.
  The hydraulic boost system fluid level was very low,
  took just over 1 quart to fill to the fill line. No difference
  in failure mode was noted after topping up the
  hydraulic fluid. One more note; hydraulic fluid
  overflowed from the revisor when pumping the brakes
  with the engine NOT running. Master cylinder is
  original, >182,000 miles, hydraulic accumulator was
  replaced about 5 years and about 50-75,000 miles
  ago. All worked perfectly when placed into storage.
  Power steering still works OK.

  Place yer bets! Is it the accumulator or the master
  cylinder or something else? Any ideas on
  troubleshooting this WITHOUT RPS?
  (Random Parts Swapping)