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Wacky Gauges

I recently had a problem with light bulbs in the dash that had burned 
out.  When I pulled the dead bulbs to take to the store for 
replacements 2 weird things happened.  1.  The spedo would only go to 
about 30 mph, no matter how fast I was going.  2.  The tach seemed 
sluggish.  It seemed to hesitate at a given RPM and hang there for a 
second AFTER the throttle was released.  Otherwise, the readings were 
fairly accurate.

Well, these symptoms continued until I got the new bulbs back into the 
dash.  It seems that there was some problem with the amount of voltage 
going to the board.  This was on a '86 5kcstq with the electronic 
gauges, no cables.  Don't know if this helps anyone, but a couple $s 
for little bulbs is WAY better than new gauges.

Jeff Cadman