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Audi on the way up 87 4KS

Hey guys,
I've finally took the plunge and moved into a Street Prepared class with 
my Audi.  This new class (SCCA) allows much more in the way of 
modifications, so I thought that I'd see what everyone has tried, and see 
if it works.

The rules allow, including all the below, and possibly more I forgot:

exhaust system is free: I would like more info on replacing the single 
outlet manifold with the dual outlet from an early Audi Fox.(?)  Need the 
downpipe too, if you please.  I think Ti Kan has done this swap on his 
4K, but I can't remember.

BTW, the kitty will be leaving exhaust the tract.

Engine ignition is free:  I have been thinking of an MSD spark box, as it 
is cheap ($120).  Let's here some feedback on some of the others such as 
Jacobs, J&S, etc.

I think I have found a place with a front strut-tower brace, but it is 
currently being checked by a fellow list-member.

Struts and springs are basically free: I am getting a set of springs very 
soon, and already have BOGE ProGas shocks installed.  They work well, but 
will work much better with the higher rate-lower ride springs.

I can port match the cylinder head, but no further than 1" inside of it.  
In other words, any porting/polishing beyond 1" from the openings is 

The best stuff, like cams, is illegal.  Must run stock heads (for the 
most part) and blocks, with a slight overbore (.0472?) allowed for 
cleanup.  I don't plan on tearing the short-block down until it pukes.  
It runs too well now to tear into the internals.

There is some other stuff I am going to do, such as look into  
light-weight racing seats, as well as removing the A/C to shed some 
valuable pounds from the chassis.

Wheels and tires are free, but I already have 3 sets of factory wheels, 
so they will stay until I get a real job, graduate from college, or 
possibly, both.

Thanks for everything fellow Q-Heads, and for excusing the seemingly only 
FWD Audi in competition except Jeff's '85 (AUDIDUDI),

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock