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Re: Inquiring Minds Want To Know:

>  I was wondering if any of you guys out there could help me out, I have an 80
>5k with 105k mileson it, have replaced radiator, waterpump, and thermostat,
>also readjusted the timing, the car still runs almost hot,(justa hair from the
>orange hot mark) when speed above 65mph are attained, I can bring the temp
>gauge down by turning the heat on, but I am planing on going to Florida next wk
>and need to be able to ride without worrying about the engine melting, also is
> the fan running once the temperature gauge is past the middle mark, and speeds
>are above 60 mph??? The only thing that may make a difference, is the car had
>p185/60/14 on the front, and p195/70/14 on thee rear, and I put p195/70.14, all
>around, this was when I begain to notice the faster I run the Car the hotter,
>Could it be that the larger tyres on the front end is causing the 5cylinder to
>work harder there by causing the temperature to go higher? any help would be
>Greatly appreciated, I have until the 12th to figure this one out, I am hoping
>it is the the tyres, that will be an easy fix.
>   NATE

Maybe the thermostat is the wrong part, or in the wrong way round?
As an experiment, maybe you could temporarily remove the thermostat
and see if the car still gets too hot.

I don't think the tires are your problem.