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RE: new lifters - still noisy

4) I use Castrol syntec 5W50 (?). Will a switch to something else help? Back
|to dead
|   dinasours even?
|I'd really like some feedback on these possibilities, and some imaginative
|new theories
|from you lot. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this...

YMMV, but, I used Castrol syntec 5w50 in my low mile (65K) GTI once. And 
hated it. I found it to be much more 50 than 5.  The lifters (identical to 
Audi's) normally rattle a tad, like less than 5 seconds, on startup.  I 
found that with the Syntec they were rattling for 10 seconds and longer, 
once almost a minute.  I changed back to Quaker State 10w30 and the lifters 
went quiet again. I now have a grudge agains syntec, and Castrol in general. 
 I've since changed to Mobil 1 10w30 synthetic with no problems.
Remember YMMV.