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Re: new lifters - still noisy

Are you guys sure it is not broken studs from the exhaust manifold?
My 85' 5000s has some lifters noise when it is cold, the first 3 to 5 mins
but it goes away after that. My car just pasted the 120,000 miles mark. I
haven't done a thing to the head, oh well I did had the valve cover 
gasket replaced once in the last 70,000 miles(I bought the car used 
with 50,000 miles). I've been using Castrol 10-30 if it makes any

It did had all the exhaust manifold studs replaced. Four of them
actually broken off(2 at each end), exhaust manifold leak do make a
loud ticking noise which could be mistaken for lifters noise. The manifold
noise did go softer when the car got warmer but never disappeared. 
It was such a big difference after they were replaced! :) The car also
runs better after the studs were replaced. Come to think of it there is
virtually no lifters noise after the 3 to 5 mins of running. 

I would check the exhaust studs rather than focusing too much on the

Anthony Chan
Information Services
Adminstrative Computing
Seattle University