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Waterford Hills Autocross results


	I had some email trouble the last couple weeks, but it looks like 
I'm back online now.  I've been missing my Quattrolist fix each day :-)

	I ran my '86 5KCSTQ at Waterford Hills Road Racing course last 
Tuesday, at the Corvette Club Autocross.  They coned down the turn just 
before the back straight to reduce straightaway speeds a little, and they 
also added a three cone slalom just before the straight, but otherwise, 
the course was wide open.  They run the same autocross every year, so we 
can compare times somewhat.
	In previous years, I had always run my RX7 which turned times of
84-85 seconds which was within 5 seconds of FTD.  I ran the 5KCSTQ this
year, and turned a 95.1, which I thought was quite respectable,
considering I was running the cheap Ohtsu tires that I bought a couple
months ago.
	I don't have all the official results yet, but I beat a stock
Miata R1, so the car worked quite well.  They put me in DSP with the
Neons.  A couple Neons with lots of prep and good sticky tires were
running high 88s, so I'm not in line for a trophy, but I think that sticky
tires would have been worth 4-5seconds, which would at least put me in the

	On another topic, I have a friend with a nice '87 5KCSTQ (Black 
w/ black leather interior) that is thinking about selling.  The car has 
less than 100,000 miles, and is in very nice shape.  It needs a steering 
rack, adn strut bearings, but that's about it.  It also has Koni shocks 
installed.  He's looking for 6000.00.  If anyone is interested, email 
me.  The car is here in Flint, MI.

Graydon D. Stuckey							
Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage 1