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Re: What the h*** is going on?

   >After having some A/C work done last week (dash vents didn't blow cold,
   OK.  Just after I posted the above I had an errand to run.  I fired her up
   and started off.  Lo! and Behold!  I could increase and decrease the
   temperature settings.  Now the switch which selects inside and outside
   temperature displays doesn't work.

   The explanation?  DAMFINO!  Suggestions, please!

   Dirty contacts on the head?  


   I p***ed off the great Audi god?  

   It's time for another major financial contribution to the great Audi dealer
   in the sky?

Was your last $acrifice less than $500? If so, you may well have offended
one or more of the roaming Audi gods and/or godlettes . . . While my last
$acrifice was only $430 (bleed/test/recharge A/C, replace all (!!) three
rear diff mounts), that's only a week after $1600 for new wheels and tires,
so I figure I'll be in their good graces for several weeks yet . . .


P.S.	As long as we're on the subject of A/C . . . I took the oppor-
	tunity of measuring my UrQ's freshly-charged A/C (harking back
	to some previous threads: it is much quieter now! I misremember
	who told me that inordinate hissing is a sign of low coolant,
	but yeah, you were right! Thanks!). New behaviour is that on
	minimum cool, air is regulated at 58-60F, "midway" is about 52-
	54F, and "max" cool is right around 45F [temperature of the air
	coming out the vents]. Regulation is within about 2F. While the
	gross cooling is still no match for my old Mitsubishi, the con-
	stant "wind" temperature is a REAL NICE win (the Mitsu, and I
	guess most low-brow cars, regulate gross temperature by cycling
	the compressor from MAX to OFF, resulting is very large [and
	annoying] temperature swings; the Audi on the other hand seems
	to use a thermally-massive condensor and, while still cycling
	the compressor, changes the trip point to maintain a much more
	constant temperature). In particular, a 60F wind is a very
	pleasant breeze; a 45F wind is a wrist-ache/headache-inducing
	pain! Now to see what happens on a HOT (100F or more) day, and
	not these merely-yucky 80/80 (temp/humidity) NewEngland days . . .