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Re: Skunked - Literally

   Do any of you AGAs (Audi Gurus of America) know of a "cure" for a skunked car -
   got a brand new V*l*o in the herd (300miles) and the exterior got sprayed.
   We've done the car wash deal twice - and can't tell exactly what parts have been
   sprayed - stinky~!!!!

   any ideas????/

You might try a pet store...a friend of mine once gave me some green
stuff that you dilute with water to wash out odors...got it at a pet
store for cleaning up after his dog -- did a pretty decent job on some
fuel oil that spilled in my basement (boy does that stuff flow and
penetrate! Yuck!), coupla applications and the odor was almost completely
gone. Failing that, one of the outdoors places like L.L.Bean's or the
like might be able to help you (Bean's is open 24Hrs...).