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RE: A6 Disounting

On 7/9 Erv Simon wrote:

>Am considering a new  (A6 probably)  Audi this year.  Can anyone help me 
>determine:  What discount from list (if any) might I be able to wangle?

I have a couple data points for you.  I looked at an A6 Quattro 5-sp with the
upgraded sunroof(glass instead of metal) and other goodies (everything except cd
Audi sticker was $36K and change.  My dealter in Maine that I've bought 2 cars
from wouldn't go below $34,500.  I drove the EXACT same car (different color) in
Kansas City - the dealer dropped to $32K.  I said since I'd have to drive it to
Maine, would he take $31,500.  He said we can work with that, or he said he
would have it delivered for the $32K.  

We opted not to get it because the last thing I need is to piss off the only
source for parts within 60miles.  And I wouldn't pay the local dealers price,

They ARE wonderful cars - worth every penny.

Hope this helps,