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RE: rear deck of TQC

Hi Bob,
On the 81-84 TQCs, the trunk lid from the hinges to the horizontal bend is 
satin black. The side window trim is this same color. The 85 TQC trunk lid 
is body color along with the rear spoiler.

Beneath the license plate is a black adhesive panel which covers the open 
area which the license plate mounts too. This extends under the plastic trim 
pieces on each side of the license plate and under the rear reflector. I 
removed all this stuff for the repaint on my 83, including the adhesive 
panel. When checking out a new black adhesive planel at the dealer, it is 
listed as being 2 pieces and the cost for the whole thing was approx $105. 
Weeee! I am now checking into other options.

On my TQC I had the trunk lid painted body color and eliminated the black 
section. I did go with the satin black around the side windows.

The TQC has 2 sets of original body stripes. There is a set of 2 stripes 
which runs around the car about the middle of the door and there is a single 
stripe along the bottom sides of the car and front/rear valences.

If you have any other questions about TQC stickers or stripes, ask away. I 
have taken photographs of a bunch of TQCs from various years before I 
started my rebuild. This way I could decide how I wanted my TQC to look. For 
instance I have eliminated all the rings/pinstripes from my car.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com