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Quattro Religion...

I have crystallized my belief in Quattros this weekend.  
Just had to say it someone who would understand...

I've had the new A6 Quattro for 2 months now.  This 
weekend was too nice to stay in the "Valley" and had
to take the Q-beauty up to Estes Park -- a Vertical
climb of 3,500' via a winding road (25 mph limit) 
complete with switchbacks.

I've been concerned that no one has "taught" me HOW
to drive a quattro.  Don't need it.  Comes naturally ;-)

With 50mph around some corners and nary a squeal...
Can't wait to go back... 

I'm going on vacation with my parents in Steamboat Springs.
It's a nice three hour drive.  He asked if I would like to 
go with them in their Chrysler Mini-Boat.  "Thanks, but no
thanks.  Meet ya there!"

Thanks for listening.  I knew you'd understand...  ;-)