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Re: #2(2) Quattro Digest V2 #345

[from Jones Murphy]

>Polidori@aol.com writes:
>>i demand that you stop sending these things to me immediately!!!
Yeah! And I demand my headlights get brighter immediately. And I demand
more torque right this moment . . .

>Hey, this person may be a disgruntled postal employee. Just do what he says
>and no one gets hurt.
>By way of introduction, I myself am a new member of the list. I just bought 2
>Audi 5000S a few months ago, and I'm trying to learn more about them, and
>about cars in general.

Boy! 2 of 'em. You must be a sadist. Twice as much contribution to the
Temple of Audi. Or your favorite local dealer.:-)

Welcome to the list. Too bad you can't drive both cars at the same time.

Ernest Wong