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Re: De-Skunk & Performance Chip

     I went for the Intended Acceleration computer and wastegate spring
     mod. It adds about 60 horsepower, which brings you up around the S6
     performance catagory. It was easy to do and runs flawlessly. I love
     it.  I dont have the phone number right here, but I am certain someone
     else can pipe up with it.

     Tom F.

     1990 200 TQW IA Stage ?
     1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
     Wanna VW Syncro Westie

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Subject: De-Skunk & Performance Chip
Date:    7/10/95 11:10 AM

A QUESTION:  We have a 1990 200 Turbo.  Does anyone know of a
computer chip performance upgrade available for this car?  I'd be
interested in knowing about it....thanks.