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Spastic A/C air distribution on 5kSQ

I'm a new suscriber to this list, but I thought I'd throw out a note to say 
that I found a fix for the random air distribution problem on my '87 5kSQ.  

I understand this is a common problem...the air will randomly go from center 
vents to defroster and footwells on A/C.  The problem is in the AC 
programmer which in my case has a bad solder joint on one of the soleniods.  
The fix is easy and mostly free (need a soldering iron and no fear of 
working on circuit boards).  

If you are interested in more details, drop me a line 
(mel1523@vms1.tamu.edu).  I'll tell in detail what I did to fix it.  I'm 
obviously not sure if this is the problem with all of them, but it worked 
for me.

 - Mitch Loescher