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Re: 5KCSTQ: Dash lights, again

You wrote: 
>I believe PDQSHIP wrote lately that replacing the computer display 
>required the the steering wheel and dash be pulled.  I'm curious if 
its just
>hard to do by reacing up in there or is it impossible.  The night 
backlight is
>gone - has been for years, but I'd try to replace it if its not 
impossible - not
>worth doing if you have to pull the dash.  Also which light is which - 
ones for
>daytime, ones for night, but which is which.
>Thanks to anyone who knows.
I just did this recently too.  PDQSHIP is right, it really is a simple 
undertaking, considering the alternatives.  I was nervous before I 
started, especially yanking on that horn pad!  (Now I've done it almost 
1/2 doz. times eradicating them Audi gremlins!)  One word of advice in 
advance, you need a big socket and extension to get the wheel off the 
hub, I'm pretty sure it's a 26mm socket.  Probably the only use you'll 
ever have for a socket that big though!

Jeff Cadman
'86 5kcstq