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Re: Re[2]: IA prices

>     Memory failed!
>     Corrections:
>Stage I: 795: about 60 hp, new wastegate spring and reprogramming
>Stage II: 795: more of same, about 85 more hp - not applicable to
>89-90 200s. Earlier cars can start with Stage II, or upgrade from I at
>a lower cost.
>these seem lower than I remember (~$600 for the 10V turbo stage I). did
>he cut his prices, or is it just cheaper for the 20V for some reason?

So you pay $795 for stage I, then another $795 for different software
giving you another 85 hp (total increase of 145 hp)? Correct? - Extraordinary!

Does anyone really understand what Ned is doing? If he's just extending the
max boost shut-off point from one value to another by changing some values
in a rom look-up table, why doesn't he just give you the max safe boost in
stage I? For another $795 I'd expect something more than an upgrade from
sub-optimal software to optimal. No flame > Ned intended, just wanna know
if there's more to stage II than different numbers in an eprom.