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Re: ur-Q parts and prices.....


Are you suggesting that PAP's prices are better than Carlsen's?
That could be the case.  I just got pricing on lifters (yes 10 Steve!)
and a water pump:

lifters $33.55 list/Carlsen $10 (thru wholesaler)/PAP $8.95 [each]

pump $95.30 list/Carlsen $74 with exchange/PAP $42.50 no exchange

PAP says that the lifters are FABI and the pump is a GK, which are
OEMs for my car.  I found it strange that it's not a Bosch pump.
Can anyone confirm this?

I must say that Linda was very pleasant, though busy, and I wouldn't
hesitate to give her the business if the prices are close.
I think it's worth it to keep the door open for those dealer only
parts we all need sooner or later...

| Dan |
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