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Re: OW-D Suspender Questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Denveroo@aol.com say:

> I have a 1987 4000CSQ, 115k miles.  A few months back I slammed into a
> chuckhole and broke both right side wheels.  Some time back, I'd upgraded
> from the stock 195/60-14 to 205/50-15, and the smaller sidewalls transmit
> more shock to the wheels, making them more susceptible to this, but let it be
> known that this was one Father of a chuckhole.  Measurements the next day
> revealed it to be 28" long and 18" deep.  Upon replacement of the wheels (the
> tires miraculously survived),

No they didn't.

I hit a 4" paving cliff at about 70, and torched three wheels on
my '89 100Q. The wheels had brand new tires on them, and the tire
shop told me to take them off and replace them ASAP. It is likely
that the sidewalls are torn or otherwise damaged. This is like
an aneurism. You never know when, but it could blow any moment.
You will likely get some bubbling of the tire as warning, but:

	1) it could be inside, not outside.
	2) it may only be a day's notice.

Do yourself a favor, and replace the tires.


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