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Re[4]: Skunk odor



> > Chevette --> Corvette --> Corvair --> Coronet --> Corolla! 
> > 
> I beg to differ with you here.  The Toyota Corolla is *proudly* manufactured 
> here at the NUMMI plant in California by AMERICANS!  How dare you demean
> these fine folks by even suggesting that one of their products should be 
> subjected to the DeSkunk Treatment (R).
>Dang!  We were so close.  Ok, I have one last revision!
>Chevette --> Corvette --> Corvair --> Coronet --> Corolla --> Kia!
>Any takers!?
 >- Mike White 
>[Mail: mike.white@law.utah.edu   -   mwhite@eng.utah.edu] 
     Ok, ok, time to put this to bed.
     Chevette -> Corvette -> Corvair -> Coronet -> Corolla -> Cimmoron
     And I do mean moron.
     Tom Higgins