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RE: ur-Q parts and prices & KuQEFH status

  I have not priced any ur-Q internal engine parts.    :)
  The crank and rods are all OK and complete aftermarket
  bearing and gasket kits will be used. Pistons are custom
  Arias (~$500) and also custom rings, dunno about what
  piston pins he plans to use.

  KuQEFH project status: Arias pistons and custom WEB
  cam are out getting coated, head and intake are being
  ported & flowed, two-piece OEM turbo manifold just
  delivered to the shop yesterday, to be ported & flowed,
  block, crank and rods all set for assembly

  chassis status: still facing brake problems as noted,
  installing new brake splash shields all-around, to
  order new rear tie rods, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc.